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community message board, life, home, sharing, recipe, recipes, cookbook, galleries, shopping, gardening, art, crafts, chat, forum, share, room, ideas, man, women, members

community message board, life, home, sharing, recipe, recipes, cookbook, galleries, shopping, gardening, art, crafts, chat, forum, share, room, ideas, man, women, members

Skin Care Endorsements

I am now hooked on your Cutie Care Cuticle Cream. Yard work, cleaning horse stalls, and washing my hands all of the time made my cuticles ragged and split. Since using your cuticle cream, itís improving my cuticles. Love the scent too! Yes, I love this cream!
Renee M., Bell Buckle, TN

Youíve got yourself a lifetime customer! I have tried many natural products over the years and have never found anything remotely similar to EdenSong. As a performer, I travel quite a bit. I recently went out of town and accidentally left my EdenSong products at home. I immediately noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. GEM (Goddess Eye Moisturizer) is nothing short of amazing and smells absolutely intoxicating! It penetrates enough to soften my lines but does not make my makeup smear. I use the Silky Lip Lube numerous times a day and keep a tube in my purse and makeup bag at all times! Of course, I love the scent and texture of the Bodalicious Buttaí. Your natural products are so silky in texture, providing excellent moisture, and theyíre not greasy at all! Just amazing!
Buffy L., Nashville, TN

I've been meaning to send you a message about the products I purchased, Sorry it's taken so long, but this is a very labor intensive time if you live on a ranch in Montana!! Anyway, I LOVE them!! I ordered the KoMon Kreme and Silky Lip Lube and you sent a sample of your GEM eye moisturizer. First, I love the fact that they last so long, but more than that my skin really looks better. Thanks so much for your wonderful recipes, foresight and for your time answering questions.
Gina M., Custer, MT

Your Silky Lip Lube has saved my skin, not just my lips. I am absolutely amazed at how quickly my skin heals from your product. I use it on red spots, age spots, bumps and bruises and even cuts Ė and my lips, of course. I used to have dry cracked skin, but no more! Itís a miracle in a tube!!
Robert R., San Antonio, TX

I don't give praise too easily but I wanted to give a thumbs up to the scrumptious products I bought. As well as whipping me up some customized oil serums and cream, I also purchased most of the product range, as they all sounded so tempting and I do love products free from harsh chemicals and preservatives. I have to say these are quality, beautiful products with exquisite aromas that make me feel deeply pampered. I used the Special K Bouquet Anti-Aging Serum (custom order) last night and it's gorgeous! Yesterday I bathed in your luxurious Blissful Beauty Body Oil (custom order) Ė such vanilla deliciousness!! I am a lip balm fanatic and your Silky Lip Lube certainly rates very highly with me. Serious and very yummy treat! I've been having so much fun with all your products. I am absolutely besotted by your Silk Sugaí Body Scrub, I have never come across a more fantastic scrub and just marvel over how it exfoliates, yet leaves the skin exceptionally moisturized at the same time. The only problem is I just can't resist having a bit of a taste at bath time if no one is looking! Thankfully, itís edible! I'm never sorry if I get an accidental taste of the Lustrous Lips Exfoliator either! I am genuinely loving all your products and so are my friends! My friends wanted me to mention that they are also very impressed with their custom order Special K Bouquet Anti-Aging Cream.
Kristelle G., Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK

Wow! I wanted to tell you how much I like the Bodalicious Buttaí. Itís extremely silky and feels so smooth on my skin. I use it after showering and it keeps my rough skin at bay. Iíve also found the GEM (Goddess Eye Moisturizer) really keeps my makeup from smearing and it smells heavenly! Oh, and the Silky Lip Lube works wonderfully on my dry, chapped lips, too. My teenage daughter uses the Minnie Pore Facial Oil Cleanser, Rosie Apples Face Wash Toner, and Zit Zapper Blemish Gel regularly. She loves how they work and feel Ė and thinks the scents are fantastic.
Sharon P., Oak Forest, IL

I received your package yesterday. Thanks for the fast shipment! Iím looking forward to using the Tootsie Tamer Foot Balm. I like the peppermint smell. I LOOOOOOVE the Silky Lip Lube! So does my friend who bought the other one, and, even though I'm not a tea tree/patchouli fan, for some strange reason I really like the smell of the Stinker Quench Deodorant! It works so well, too. I put it on when I got home last night and woke up this morning without sweaty/stinky armpits! I am spreading the word about your products around my office!
Gabrielle R., Beechhurst, NY

Your Empress Elixir Anti-Aging Serum is the best ever! The fine lines on my face are noticeably reduced. Thank you -- and my husband thanks you, too!
Valerie R., Minneapolis, MN

I used the Tootsie Tamer Foot Balm in preparation for our island trip and my feet felt refurbished to a smooth condition - like I just had a pedi. I made the mistake of letting a friend try the NoPainYa! Relief Rub for aches and pains, and she won't give it back! For weeks she has had some stiffness and soreness in her right buttocks. She applied it one night and the pain was gone! She experimented with and without it for a few nights just to make sure it just wasn't in her head, and she truly benefits from it. I wanted to give you my feedback on the Stinker Quench Deodorant. It WORKS! In the past, I've used the Clinical Strength Secret until I read about the Aluminum being a no-no. Who knew??? I sure didn't. The Stinker Quench is very effective and lasts all day - I mean ALL day through 8-10 hour work day, and a 4-6 mile walk! I discovered on vacation that it even works AFTER getting out of the water from swimming! Thank you!
Melissa S., Baxter, IA

Just wanted to let you know that my package arrived today. Thank you again for the prompt service. You've spoken my love language with the Silky Lip Lube, as it smells and feels wonderful and I am never beyond an arm's reach from my lip balm!
Courtney N., Manhattan, IL

My feet want to thank your for your incredible Tootsie Tamer Foot Balm! I am the barefoot queen and am so hard on my feet. Iíve been using your foot balm for only a couple weeks and even though I still walk around barefoot, my feet are so much softer!
Debbie B., Fort Worth, TX

Just had to let you know that I really like how smooth the Silky Lip Lube is. It doesnít rip my lips when theyíre chapped like chapstick will do! I have to tell you that I was cutting away at our lilac bushes when I sliced my left middle finger something fierce! After cleaning the wound I put on your No PainYa! Relief Rub, then bandaged it up. Iím amazed at how quickly it healed. And thereís no pain!
Sue V., Southern CT

I work hard and am around a lot of people. Your Stinker Quench Deodorant is the best ever! Thanks so much!
Lindsey T., Memphis, TN

I absolutely love the Silky Lip Lube. It glides on softly and with such ease. It lasts a long time, too. I keep it in my pocket and it never melts, even when I am outside in the Texas summer sun.
Angelique B., Leander, TX

Thanks so much for the KoMon Kreme. I love it. It's so moisturizing, smells wonderful and feels so good on my dry skin. Also, thanks for the Silky Lip Lube. It is so hydrating! I love it and had to tell my husband hands off! I think I might have to order him some of his own.
Diane P., San Jose, CA

Thank You so much. The Silky Lip Lube really is silky -- like nothing I've felt before! My mom is really happy with the GEM eye moisturizer. She uses it all over her face and it does not make her oily at all!
Lilly D., Chula Vista, CA

Your Silk Sugaí Body Scrub is incredible! Iím a masseuse, so my hands are always in oils, but the rest of my body suffers. My whole body felt like a babyís bottom after one use. Incredible!
Linda S., Pittsburgh, PA

I love your incredible products! My face has never felt this good since using your GEM (Goddess Eye Moisturizer), and my tired eyes look so much better. My mom says I actually look healthier! Thatís important to me. My lips are much better now that Iím using the Silky Lip Lube. It keeps my lips from cracking. The No PainYa! Relief Rub is really helping the pain in my feet and hands. It canít be beat! It feels so soothing when applied. Thank you so much for your wonderful natural products.
Pamela R., Durham, NC

Iím an R.N. who does in-home patient visits. Many of my elderly patients have neglected skin. Iíve been using your Tootsie Tamer Foot Balm on several of them (and myself!) and have noticed an incredible improvement in their skin (and mine). Itís truly a great product!
Tina R., Macon, GA

Your Silky Lip Lube is awesome!
Robert W., Atlanta, GA

Writing to tell you that I was so excited when my package arrive and ripped it open immediately. Everything is so lovely. I sampled all the products on my arms and my momís arms. We have the softest, sweetest smelling arms in all of Canada! The KoMon Kreme is fantastic! I love the texture and feel of everything. The Empress Elixir Anti-Aging Serum is incredible, but my mom insisted she needed it more than me, so I must order more. The Silky Lip Lube is amazing! I had dry lips all the time and was using lip balms daily, sometimes several times a day. I used your lip balm a few times and havenít used anything since. NOT ONCE! Thank you!
Suzanna S., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Just wanted to tell you how incredible your Cutie Care Cuticle Cream is. Iím a no-fuss person and an avid gardener, which wreaks havoc on my hands. After using your product once, I noticed a difference. Iíve been using it for over a month now and my cuticles have never looked better. Big thanks to you!
Cathleen L., Port Chester, NY

We love your Silky Lip Lube! My 2-year-old daughter fell and split open her lip. I tried several different balms and salves but nothing worked until we tried your lip balm. Within a day there was significant improvement and it was completely healed within a couple days. Thanks so much!
Michelle C., Mesa, AZ

Where have you been all my life? Or have I just been under a rock? (Donít answer that Ė I do live on a mountain!) My friend had some of your Empress Elixir Anti-Aging Serum and Cutie Care Cuticle Cream, and she let me try them out. (It was like pulling teeth, but thatís another story!) I felt like a goddess! Couldnít resist ordering some for myself, and, of course, I didnít stop there. I also got some Stinker Quench Deodorant (donít ask!) and No PainYa! Relief Rub for this tired, old body. They are ALL keepers and I canít wait to try your other products!!
Kim F., Bevinsville, KY

A personal ďthanksĒ for your great natural products! Iíve had some back, hip and ankle surgeries, and I just had to tell you that your product, No PainYa! Relief Rub, has allowed me to sleep without the aches and pains that usually keep me up at night, and I awake pain free. Tootsie Tamer Foot Balm keeps my dry heels at bay all summer. It also seems to have improved the health of my cuticles. Your Bodalicious Buttaí is wonderful after a shower. It seems as I age, the drier my skin gets, and if I use this product faithfully, my skin feels wonderful. The difference is truly noticeable! Silky Lip Lube has got to be THE very best lip balm I have EVER used. With others I was always having to reapply them constantly. NOTHING seemed to help my dried out lips. Now with your lip balm, I donít have to reapply all the time. I LOVE your products.
Holly B., Sarasota, FL

I love, love, LOVE the Silky Lip Lube. My lips have never felt better or been healthier. I usually have very chapped lips, but the lip balm has taken care of that Ė no more dead skin on my lips. Yeah!! The Nurseís Aide Lotion Bar is superb. Itís really handy to carry in my pocket. Iím a nurse and must wash my hands a lot, and your lotion lube keeps my hands so very soft -- thatís a lifesaver in my book.
Sandy L., Fall Branch, TN

Just had to let you know how great your natural products are. I never go anywhere without your Silky Lip Lube and with the AZ dry heat, you can bet I need it! It keeps my lips so soft. With my two active young boys I donít have a lot of time to pamper myself, but I indulge in the Mighty Mud Facial Mask weekly. Besides the ďmeĒ time I get, it has made an incredible difference in my skin. Thank you so much!
Rachel C., Tucson, AZ

Your Stinker Quench Deodorant is a lifesaver! I have extremely sensitive skin and this is the first deodorant Iíve found that actually works and doesnít make me break out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Sandy J., Seattle, WA

I was so excited to try out your Mighty Mud Facial Mask when it arrived. I just added water and it went on so smooth. I couldnít wait the full 20 minutes, but it worked anyway! My skin felt amazing and I could tell it had tightened the pores. Iíve been using it faithfully and I must say itís a great product! Thank you.
Mari N., Santa Barbara, CA

I was digging around in my purse the other day frantically looking for some lip balm, because my lips were so chapped and I grabbed your Silky Lip Lube. As I was putting it on I was thinking how incredibly smooth and silky it was. It was a lifesaver! Itís the best lip balm Iíve ever used and am definitely hooked!
Phyllis C., Nashville, TN

I thought Iíd never find something to reduce my pores! As Iíve gotten older it seems my pores have gotten larger. Your Minnie Pore Facial Oil Cleanser did the trick and it leaves my skin incredibly smooth. My husband says my skin ďglowsĒ now. I love this products and am so thankful to have found you!
Rebecca D., Indianapolis, IN

I donít usually write to companies about their products, but I just had to let you know how fantastic yours are. Iíve been using your Silky Lip Lube for sometime and itís the best ever. I recently got your Silk Sugaí Body Scrub and Stinker Quench Deodorant. After showering with the scrub, I found my skin to be the softer than itís been in ages! I feel young again! I also discovered how incredibly well the deodorant works and I feel better knowing Iím not putting chemicals on my body. Your natural products rock!
Mary L., Franklin, TN

The Nurseís Aide Lotion Bar leaves my skin so soft, especially after a shower. I just roll it on and my skin feels so smooth. The scent is not too strong, which I like, and leaves the right amount of fragrance on my skin. GEM (Goddess Eye Moisturizer) is an excellent product! I love to smooth it under my eyes before I go to bed. It is so soft and silky that it is perfect for the sensitive parts of skin under my eyes. The Silky Lip Lube is also wonderful on my lips to keep them smooth, so they wonít crack. These are the best products Iíve ever used, seriously! Knowing that all of them are made with natural ingredients, safe with NO chemicals, is a triple plus! 
Liz P., Daly City, CA

Had to write and tell you I am in love with your products! So far Iíve used your Silky Lip Lube and No PainYa! Relief Rub. I drive a truck and go through all kinds of weather, besides experiencing aches and pains from long road trips. My lips are never dry anymore and after rubbing in the No PainYa! I can actually get to sleep. My entire body thanks you!
Amy K., Chicago, IL

Oh my gosh! You saved my granddaughter life Ė really! She was obsessing over an upcoming party and the blemishes on her face. Oddly enough, I still get breakouts periodically and love your Zit Zapper Blemish Gel. She tried it and the next day her face was virtually cleared up! She used it the next day and her face was glowing and spotless in time for the party. Thank you! Oh, by the way, she insisted on borrowing my tube of Silky Lip Lube for the party. Said it makes her feel elegant, and I have to agree. Now, I know what to get her for Christmas!
Mary K., Billings, MT

Your No PainYa! Relief Rub and Silky Lip Lube are my constant companions. I canít thank you enough for your wonderful natural products.
Bobbie P., Nashville, TN

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foot balm, body scrub, deodorant, toothpaste