Skin Care Ingredient Glossary @ EdenSong Au Naturel Skin Care
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community message board, life, home, sharing, recipe, recipes, cookbook, galleries, shopping, gardening, art, crafts, chat, forum, share, room, ideas, man, women, members

community message board, life, home, sharing, recipe, recipes, cookbook, galleries, shopping, gardening, art, crafts, chat, forum, share, room, ideas, man, women, members

Skin Care Ingredient Glossary
All our ingredients are 100% certified organic, organic, natural, cold pressed or steam distilled.  The steam distillation uses a low temperature extraction process, which does not harm the richness of natural properties and attributes. No chemical solvents are used in processing (oleochemicals). Oleoresins are extracted with organic alcohol.  Ingredients are pure and do not contain any additives or chemicals; they are not hydrogenated and are free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).  The essential oils are extracted directly from flowers, herbs, spices and leaves.

Alkanet Root Powder
From the roots of the plant also called Anchusa tinctoria, alkanet root is a great source of natural color from purple to pink.

Almond Meal
Acts to smooth and soften the skin as an emollient, reduce inflammation and aid in the removal of dead skin cells as an exfoliant.  Moist with sweet almond oil, almond meal helps replenish skin oils lost during the cleansing process while producing a gentle massaging effect during exfoliation.  It also unclogs pores and absorbs excess oil from the skin.

Almond Oil, Sweet
A light, nearly odorless oil, it is said to have great nutritional value for all skin types. It is easily absorbed and is close to the natural sebum produced by the skin. Filled with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, sweet almond oil is also rich in protein. Especially good for eczema. Helps relieve itching, soreness, dryness and inflammation. Useful against burns and thread veins. Very lubricating, but not penetrating, which makes it a good massage oil and protectant.

Aloe Vera
Derived from pure aloe leaf.  Soothing, heals wounds, stops bleeding, relieves insect bites and is especially effective for burns. The active ingredients have been found to heal and regenerate skin. In skin care products it leaves a thin film that acts as a barrier to protect the skin. This works as a barrier to keep body fluids from escaping.  Aloe vera improves hydration with its natural moisturizing factor and is good for all skin types.   Aloe vera is composed of water, the enzymes catalase and cellulose, minerals, calcium, aluminum, iron, zinc, magnesium, sodium, 20 amino acids and carbohydrates. True aloe vera is watery and thin.

Anise Oil, Star
Strong, sweet, and powerful scent most commonly associated with the smells of black licorice.  Used in preparations for upset tummy or congested chest. Anise oil is also commonly found in soaps geared towards the outdoors enthusiast, as it is said to mask the human scent.  Antiseptic and insect repellant.

Apple Cider Vinegar
It works as a cleanser removing soap residue, trace dirt, grime and oil from skin and hair. Makes an excellent hair rinse for all hair types in the removal of shampoo residue but is especially beneficial for flaky, dry scalps. It promotes blood circulation in the small blood capillaries that irrigate the skin. It is also antiseptic, combating yeasts, viruses and bacteria that can cause infection. Apple cider vinegar is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, helping to dissolve fatty deposits on the skin’s surface and reducing scaly conditions, promoting a softer, smoother appearance. It helps restore the natural pH balance of your skin and scalp.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot kernel oil has 30% unsaturated essential fatty acid content. The oil is similar in weight to human sebum. Extremely nourishing to the skin and excellent around the eyes and neck. Apricot kernel oil has good penetration and therapeutic properties. It helps make the skin feel softer and smoother, as well as reducing roughness, cracking and irritation. It also is reported to be effective in retarding the fine wrinkles of aging. Light rich oil good for mature or sensitive skin, and skin suffering exposure to sun and wind. It is excellent for restoring a glow to dehydrated complexions. It is a very good source of minerals and vitamin A. Apricot kernel oil is great by itself for removing makeup and softening delicate skin around the eye. It is a skin-conditioning agent that is emollient, non-greasy and ideal for dry, tired and mature skins.  Apricot kernel oil has an excellent texture that is great for all skin types.

Arnica Oil
A plant from the daisy family, with radiant yellow flowers, Arnica grows up to two feet in the mountainous regions of Europe and western North America.  It has wound healing, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties. It aids tissue regeneration, relieves pain and soothes sore muscles. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities can reduce pain and swelling, improving wound healing, reduce inflammation and bruising, soothe muscle aches and arthritis, rheumatism, sore or painful joints, stimulate blood circulation.  It disperses trapped, disorganized fluids from bumped and bruised tissue, joints and muscles, stimulating the activity of white blood cells that relieve congested blood cells.  Arnica Oil is also extremely beneficial for acne, hair loss if rubbed on scalp (make sure there is no broken skin), and inflammation from insect bites.  Rich in fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C and D. A stimulant, it is used in hair tonics and anti-cellulite preparations.

Arrowroot Powder
From the genus of plant Marantha arundinacea, this is a natural powdered root starch white in color and very light in weight.  Arrowroot powder is used as a thickening and stabilizing agent, as a base for some of skin care formulations, and it is the main foundation for most body powders. It also has great moisture-absorbing properties.

Babassu Oil
This oil is very high in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It is a very fast penetrating oil that is used in creams, lotions, balms, and lipsticks, bar soaps or any anhydrous formulations. Creates silky lip balms. Babassu has a high content of lauric and myristic acids, which have melting points relatively close to the body temperature. When applied, babassu draws the heat from the skin to initiate melting. Therefore, the heat transfer produces a cooling effect on the skin. Additionally, babassu forms a protective, soothing coat when applied and provides a pleasant, velvety feeling. It is a superior emollient beneficial for both dry and oily complexions, non-clogging, and gently moisturizing the skin without contributing to an oily sheen. It leaves the skin with a soft, lustrous smoothness. This oil has properties similar to coconut oil and is used in much the same context.

Beeswax is a natural secretion of the honeybees, and in its raw state, has the wonderful sweet aroma of fresh honey. The Beeswax used in skin care is carefully melted and filtered to remove any impurities while leaving some of the delicious scent behind. Beeswax helps to emulsify and thicken lotions and creams, hold together lip and body balms, and forms a protective barrier between your skin and the environment.

Bentonite Clay
A clay from naturally occurring volcanic ash sediments here in the US. Traditionally used as an internal supplement to assist in mineral deficiencies, and to help bind toxins making them more soluble. Because of its naturally soft nature, it also makes an invigorating skin and face mask.

Birch Oil, Sweet
Effective addition to a massage oil for sore muscles, sprains and painful joints because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. Often used as an ingredient in skin care products both for problem skin conditions and as a skin softener.

Black Currant Seed Oil
Helps damaged skin and aids in the reconstruction of cell membranes. It is a superb moisturizer that can be used in place of evening primrose or borage seed oils.

Borage Oil
Borage oil also has the highest known content of essential unsaturated fatty acids. These are great skin conditioners. They regulate the hydration of the skin and are humectants.  Like evening primrose oil and black currant seed oil, borage oil owes its healing power to the presence of essential fatty acids, the most important of which is GLA, an omega-6 fatty acid. In borage oil, the GLA seems to calm inflammation overall, making it an attractive treatment option for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Calendula Oil
From calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis), this is one of the most effective topical oils. Contains salicilyic acid, carotenoids, and phytosterols. Makes a wonderful baby's oil to relieve rashes and diaper irritations.  It's exceptional for those with sensitive skin for its gentle, cooling and soothing properties. Reduces swelling, aids wound and burn healing, helpful for acne, impetigo, eczema and sunburns.  Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, helps healing wounds and may have anti-viral and anti-cancer actions.  Useful for bed sores, broken or varicose veins, bruises, or inflamed gums.  Antiseptic and regenerating.  Helpful for all skin inflammations, calendula oil is the most successful oil for assisting us with dry and damaged, chapped or cracked skin.

Camellia Oil
This oil is obtained from the seeds of the Camellia (Camellia sasanqua) tree, native to Asia, where it is extensively used as a beauty aid and skin-restructuring agent. Its skin and hair conditioning properties are excellent.  With its moisturizing virtues, camellia oil makes a wonderful body moisturizing after-sun milks, emollient gels for around the eyes, hand creams, nail products, restructuring skin care and cosmetic products for damaged and dry skin, as well as nourishing shampoos and lotions for dry and damaged hair.

Candelilla Wax
This wax comes from the Mexican Candelilla plant and can be used in place of beeswax for vegan formulations.

Carnauba Wax
From the leaves of the Brazilian wax palm tree (Copernicia prunifera), it is often used in tandem with candelilla wax. Excellent choice for lip balms and lipsticks.

Carrot Seed Oil
Carrot seed pure essential oil should not be confused with carrot tissue oil. The essential oil is steam distilled from the seeds of the carrot plant and has extensive and amazing skin enhancing properties, mostly for its high content of natural vitamin A and carotenes. By stimulating skin circulation, carrot seed essential oil improves elasticity and tone, repairs damaged tissues and combats the formation of wrinkles and scars. It also acts to cleanse and drain skin tissues of excess toxins and fluids.

Carrot Tissue Oil
Carrot tissue oil or Heliocarrot, derived from carrot, is rich in vitamins. Its regenerating action on the skin promotes the healing of scare tissue and assists with burns, psoriasis and eczema. It contains beta-carotene which is beneficial to the skin.  Extremely rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and essential fatty acids. Excellent for dry, aging or wrinkled skin, helping to heal, regenerate and moisturize.  It's also great for dry hair.

Castor Oil

Also known as Palm Christi Oil, this oil is rich in fatty acids. It is very soothing and lubricating to the skin and acts as a humectant attracting moisture to the skin. Creates a protective barrier on the skin and is soothing. Castor oil is part alcohol and part oil. It is mainly composed of ricinoleic acid (87%), a fatty acid with an unusual molecular structure. It is used in hair oils, balms, and other thick emulsions for the skin and hair. As a therapeutic treatment, castor will penetrate the skin carrying the essential oils with it, making it effective for arthritis and deep muscle aches.  (The castor beans are cold-pressed to extract castor oil that is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Ricin (a toxic substance present in the plant) does not partition into the oil because it is water-soluble, therefore, castor oil does not contain ricin.)

Chamomile Powder
Used since ancient times for its invigorating, rejuvenating and relaxing qualities. Chamomile has very low toxicity so it's good for children.  Good for dry skin, dermatitis, acne, burns and inflammation. Chamomile is soothing, helps menstrual problems, aches and pains related to exercise, anxiety, stress and irritability. Excellent for sensitive skin. Most recognized for its ability to heal wounds and abrasions. Used in soaps and masks for its wonderful fragrance and healing abilities.  Also provides anti-oxidation.

Clary Sage Oil
With its soft, sweet, herbaceous scent and wonderful skin balancing properties, Clary Sage pure essential oil makes a versatile and beneficial additive to many skin care preparations. It is a cell regenerator (great for wrinkles and aging skin), anti-inflammatory, and a regulator of oil and sebum production. It is useful in preparations for both oily and dry skin, as it balances conditions of excess. When inhaled, Clary Sage pure essential oil is a euphoric and anti-depressant, and helps calm and relieve stress. It is excellent as an inhalation treatment for post-natal depression.

Clove Oil
Mild Stimulant, antiseptic, and analgesic, pain killer, nausea, flatulence, bronchitis, arthritis, diarrhea, sense enhancing. It is spicy, warm and sweet. Used for toothache, fungal infections, as a mosquito repellent, to relieve fatigue and melancholy, as an aphrodisiac.

Cocoa Butter
It is highly protective and acts as a water repellant. It contains about 5 IU of vitamin E per ounce. Cocoa butter softens and lubricates the skin. If it smells like chocolate, that's because it's the by-product from the manufacturing of cocoa and chocolate. It's used in a variety of cosmetic, toiletry and pharmaceutical applications to reduce cutaneous dryness and improve skin flexibility.

Cocoa Butter, Black
This light and less greasy butter is a dark chocolate color, moisture rich, and melts into skin. Wonderful emollient in creams and lotions or straight. It's a great moisturizer for the face, dry skin, relief of eczema and it helps heal skin blemishes and ailments.  This cocoa butter is processed when the cocoa pods have been germinated beforehand. Black cocoa butter prevents drying of the skin and development of wrinkles.  Reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores skin flexibility.

Coconut Oil, Fractionated
This is one of the most preferred oils for Aromatherapists, along with jojoba, mainly because of its light texture and indefinite shelf life. It is easily absorbed making it a good massage oil base. An extremely light, clear oil which is odorless.

Coconut Oil, Virgin Crème Coconut
Fresh from the French Polynesian island of Tahiti this oil is prepared from sun-dried coprah (the inside of the coconut fruit) and extracted by cold pressure. It has a distinct scent of fresh coconuts but not an overly-sweet fragrance.  Excellent as a massage oil or for lotions and creams. 

Coconut Milk Powder
For centuries, milk has been used in skin care for its skin softening benefits.  Milk not only contains emollient fats, but modern science has revealed the presence of lactic acid, which is one of the most commonly used alphahydroxy acids in skin care for its unique ability to penetrate the skin. 

Used as an abrasive, absorbent and to increase viscosity in aqueous products. Can be used in emulsions to improve the feel or decrease greasiness.

Emu Oil

Current studies attribute very promising benefits to emu oil and it is rapidly gaining recognition as an invaluable cosmetic ingredient. It has an extraordinary ability to penetrate the skin. Emu oil acts as a carrier for other ingredients. It is non-clogging and is completely non-irritating. It can reduce inflammation and redness of the skin, reduce the formation of wrinkles and restore moisture to irritated, dry skin, as well as stimulate skin, hair and nail growth.  In addition, it is said to reduce inflammation and pain of sore muscles and joints. It may therefore be helpful with conditions such as arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, hair loss and skin fungus. It has been recommended for use in healing burns and preventing the formation of scar tissue while encouraging rapid repair of damaged tissue. Used in massage or sports blends, it helps relieve soreness and inflammation. The uses and benefits of this oil are endless. In short, studies have suggested that emu oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, encourages healing, stimulates skin, hair and nail growth, has a natural SPF, is a natural emollient and moisturizer, penetrates multiple layers of skin, is non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, prevents and diminishes scarring/stretch marks and more. It may also prove to be a great oil to use for skin disorders and allergies.

Eucalyptus Oil
Colds, flu, fever, muscular aches and pains, headaches, sluggishness, mental exhaustion, rheumatism, insect bites and rashes. Antiseptic, expectorant, antibiotic, antifungal, anti-infectious and anti-parasitic. Affects dermis layer, increases respiratory metabolism of skin cells, oxygenates skin. Asthma, regenerative affect on pulmonary tissue, coughs, lung infections, colds, flu, fever, sore throat, bronchitis whooping cough, rheumatism, muscular strains. Immune stimulant increases the gamma and beta globulins. Aids hypoglycemia, raises blood sugar level. Aids concentration. Do not use with very small children or with high blood pressure or epilepsy.

Evening Primrose Oil
This oil is full of vitamins and minerals and an effective emollient, forming a protective layer on the epidermis and keeping the complexion supple and strong. It has an extremely high gamma linoliec acid (GLA) content, which is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid that is vital for the synthesis of prostaglandins and hormones, an important function in the body, especially the skin. These are involved in the healthy functioning of many types of body tissue; combating pain and inflammation; regulating the menstrual cycle and controlling blood/cholesterol levels. Prostaglandin's appear to have a beneficial effect on the immune system and on the brain. It is an effective base oil for the treatment of PMS, eczema, psoriasis and arthritis. Helps to prevent the premature aging of the skin and rejuvenate skin cells. It also repairs damaged skin, keeps skin healthy, helps repair sun damaged and mature skin.

Fennel Oil, Sweet
Astringent for dull, dry, watery, oily and mature skin types; aids corns.  Sweet fennel is often recommended for massage where there is cellulite and for the digestive system, especially for indigestion or gas, as well as PMS or menstrual difficulties for its detoxifying abilities. 

Frankincense Oil
A warm, woody, sweet balsamic, spicy fragrance with a hint of lemon.  In skin care, frankincense is a wonderful oil to blend into facial creams or oils for aging skin.  Frankincense helps improve dry, chapped mature-looking skin. It's especially useful to the respiratory system during seasonal changes. Frankincense contains astringent, antiseptic, anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory properties.  In addition, frankincense can stimulate new cell growth and help prevent wrinkles. This may account for its long-standing use to heal wounds and scars and to counter the effects of aging.

French Green Clay
This classic clay has been used for ages to regulate skin's oil production. The most absorbing clay, generally used for face masks in cases of acne, oily and neglected skin. It truly cleanses, deeply and without causing damage or irritation. It literally "drinks" oils, toxic substances, and impurities from your skin. Its toning action stimulates the skin, bringing fresh blood to damaged skin cells, revitalizing the complexion while tightening pores.  It has a cool feeling that calms irritated skin and can be used in body masks and for cellulite treatment on the legs. It's also a great natural colorant.

French Pink Clay
Exfoliate, cleanse and invigorate. Absorb oils and impurities.  It refines and softens the skin. It's a nice addition to soaps, cleansers and talcs, imparting a lovely natural pink color.

Fuller's Earth Clay
Sedimentary clay that has been widely used as a skin-lightening agent and is best known for its ability to be applied as a "facial bleach". Because of its enormous drawing capabilities Fuller's Earth is excellent for oily skin and those prone to acne.

Geranium Oil

Because of its rich, sweet, rose-like scent, geranium is often substituted for the more expensive rose. Its beneficial skin care and cosmetic properties are numerous and powerful: cell regeneration, tissue repair, toning of skin tissues, oil and sebum regulation. It is astringent and antiseptic, and makes an excellent skin care treatment for acne, eczema and other skin inflammations, balances oily and dry skin, and works wonderfully to reduce cellulite deposits.

Ginger Oil
Rheumatism, arthritis, numbness, muscle fatigue, digestive problems, nausea, nervous exhaustion, sexual tonic and seasickness. Antiseptic, stimulant, analgesic, aphrodisiac and fortifying. Reduces inflammation, headaches, sinusitis, stimulates appetite and aids in circulation. Powerful tonic for entire digestive system. Varicose veins, poor circulation, eases angina, aids lower back pain, sprains and injury. Aids impotence, frigidity, regulates menstruation.

Ginseng Extract
Ginseng is used in cosmetics for its rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory properties. It will activate cell metabolism and prolong the life span of human cells. It has a beneficial effect on circulation and the plant regulates the tone of the smooth muscles of the blood vessels. It has also been shown that ginseng has a strong anti-radical effect.  The vast amount of properties in ginseng give it an almost unlimited use in cosmetics. Its activity makes it useful in nourishing creams, in treating wrinkled and aged skin and in all cosmetic products used to retard the onset of age.  When applied to the skin in a cosmetic, ginseng will form an elegant film on the skin that will tighten and smooth the treated skin immediately. In body milks and bath products, it acts by optimizing the cutaneous metabolism of the whole body. Ginseng may be used in treatment products for weak hair and lotions for preventing hair loss as it stimulates growth and gives strength.

Grapefruit Oil, Pink
Has a warm, lightly sweet and fresh citrus scent. Thought to be beneficial as an anti-depressant, as it may help relieve anxiety as well as stimulating detoxification of the body. Grapefruit may also be helpful in relieving symptoms associated with PMS.  Useful for muscle fatigue, stiffness, acne, mental exhaustion, fluid retention, athlete's foot, tones congested skin, tightens skin, antiseptic, disinfectant, detoxification and anti-infectious. Astringent for oily congested skin and hair, aids hair growth. Reduces cellulite, depression and headaches. Disinfects airborne germs. Increases circulation, stimulates lymphatic system detoxification, regulates body weight with regular use. Aids jet lag, and alcohol and drug withdrawals.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is derived from grapefruit seeds.  It is anti-microbial, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, astringent and also has some antioxidant activity. GSE is used as a natural preservative in skin care products.  Also helps to acidify the skin’s surface, making it inhospitable to bacterial growth.  GSE is even safe enough to use as a disinfectant for drinking water when necessary.

Grapeseed Oil
The lightest of oils and virtually odorless, grapeseed oil contains vitamins, minerals, high in polyunsaturates and protein. Grapeseed oil is wonderful used around the eyes and neck. It is a slight astringent and tightens and tones the skin. Widely used in hypoallergenic natural products because it does not often cause allergic reactions in the highly allergic. Does not aggravate acne.

Green Tea Extract
Green tea is often included in anti-aging skincare products for its antioxidant properties.  It has three major benefits – that being a powerful antioxidant and thereby reducing free radical damage in the skin, a potent anti-inflammatory agent thereby reducing inflammation in the skin, and most importantly having a inhibitory action on collagenase (an enzymatic action in the skin where the collagen is broken down), resulting in more firm and elastic skin.  The vitamin P properties and the tannins in its chemical composition give it astringent properties.  It protects the skin, and later brings about vasoconstriction, reducing inflammation in the affected area and finally cell regeneration is caused as well as a wound healing activity.  In hair care it can be used with great success to improve the gloss and shine of the hair as well as strength.

Hazelnut Oil
It is a wonderful light, penetrating oil that is slightly astringent making it a good oil for acne prone skin. Hazelnut oil is high in the essential fatty acids and is soothing and healing to dry irritated skin. Tones and tightens skin, helps maintain firmness and elasticity. Studies have shown that it helps to strengthen capillaries and encourages cell regeneration so it might be useful against thread veins. It has some vitamin E content. Studies have also shown that it can filter sunrays and is therefore commonly used in sun care products. A good oil for massage, hair care and cream/lotion formulas.

Horsetail Extract
Used for its astringent, tightening, and firming properties.  Horsetail is used externally to boost the skin and nails and also helps with hemorrhage and in treating wounds.  Conditions, reduces oil production, refines pores, produces new elastin and collagen fibers, moisturizes and firms the skin.  Most of its healing properties stem from its exceptionally high content of the mineral silica. Effective against psoriasis, dandruff, hair-loss, eczema, acne and other skin conditions, it makes a valuable addition to many skin care and hair care restorative products.

Helichrysum Oil
This incredible oil aids healing scar tissue, whether from a recent wound, operation, or tissue that has been scarred for years. It stops bleeding, helps a scab to form and tissue to repair itself. Helichrysum can be used for stretch marks, acne scars, surgical scars, and wounds of all kinds.  It's also very effective for joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. It is anti-inflammatory with pain reducing and analgesic effects. In skin care products Helichrysum is excellent for its skin-rejuvenating properties, especially dark circles under the eyes, in addition to softening the skin and aiding varicose veins. It also has remarkable effects on sensitive and inflamed skin and helps relieve psoriasis.

Hempseed Oil
This oil is one of the richest sources of polyunsaturated fats known to mankind. This includes both essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) and GLA (gamma linolenic acid), which make it an excellent natural emollient and moisturizer. It is 57% linoleic and 19% linoleic acids. Hemp is a wonderful oil for dry or mature skin since it is said to help stimulate cell growth. It has high levels of essential fatty acids, including linolenic acid. Natural hemp seed oil is dark green and has a nutty rich scent. Body care products containing hemp seed oil may help reduce skin discomfort by soothing & restoring dry/damaged skin. Regular use of hemp seed oil on the skin may help slow down the effects of skin aging and leave the skin soft, smooth and moisturized. Hemp seed oil helps to impart gloss and manageability to hair, bringing relief from dry scalp or hair damage by blow-dryers, perms, colors or sunlight.  EFA-rich oils are becoming increasingly popular in massage therapy due to their ability to penetrate and be absorbed into the skin.

Jasmine Oil
One of the precious essential oils, Jasmine is known the world over for the intoxicatingly sensuous aroma, intensely floral, warm, rich, sweet and exotic. When inhaled, Jasmine is a potent aphrodisiac, helps relieve stress, anger and anxiety and is an anti-depressant and euphoric. When added to skin care and cosmetic preparations, Jasmine essential oil soothes dry, sensitive skin, heals dermatitis, and tones aging, wrinkled skin. It is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Jojoba Oil
In reality jojoba oil is not an oil but a liquid wax and is pronounced "ho-ho-ba". Because it's composed of wax esters, it is extremely stable. Works as an effective cleanser, conditioner, moisturizer and softener for the skin and hair. It can be applied directly to the skin to soften the skin, reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, lighten and help heal scars, and promote healthy scalp and hair. The structure of jojoba oil closely resembles that of your own skin sebum, the natural coating our body produces to protect the skin and keep it supple. Our skin loses sebum with age, sun, wind, cold and the environment. Jojoba contains protein, minerals and a waxy substance that mimics collagen. It has a light scent, is not greasy, is an excellent moisturizer and is ideal for all skin types. Jojoba can especially help dry or oily skin. If your skin has an over production of sebum, jojoba oil will dissolve clogged pores and restore the skin to its natural pH balance. The reason jojoba oil works so well is that it actually penetrates the skin easily, because it is accepted as sebum. Gives a "satiny" finish to the skin. It contains myristic acid, which also has anti-inflammatory actions. Jojoba helps to heal inflamed skin conditions such as psoriasis or any form of dermatitis, cold sores, helps control acne and oily scalps, making it a great scalp cleanser, too. It protects the skin and is a good barrier for hands and baby bottoms. Great for mature, aging skin and wrinkles. Rich in Vitamin E, it has antioxidant properties and will never break down or go rancid, so it is often added to other carriers as a preservative. Jojoba oil is hypoallergenic and pure.

Juniper Oil
Fresh, fruity, woodsy, spicy and herbaceous scent.  Treats pain and inflammation of arthritis and rheumatism, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Increases circulation and reduces fluid retention. Pick-me-up and counters tiredness and reduces anxiety. Used for acne, eczema, dermatitis, greasy hair, hair loss, dandruff and decongest the venial system. Good airborne disinfectant. Heart tonic, circulatory stimulant, cleans blood and aids in toxin accumulation, especially uric acid. Useful in diabetes, eases menstruation, poor memory, jet lag, uplifts.

Kaolin Clay
This is a mildly absorbent clay generally preferred for dry or sensitive skin. It's the most versatile and easily applied clay that is commonly found in skin care preparations and cosmetics. Kaolin is a fine, fluffy clay that has natural absorbency properties and is frequently found in powders, body packs, skin care products and deodorants.

Kokum Butter
It has excellent emollient properties and high oxidative stability, which assists emulsion integrity. It is a solid, stable hard butter with a very mild scent, which melts readily on contact with skin. Kokum butter is one of the most stable and hard vegetable butters known. It prevents skin dryness and it reduces the development of wrinkles, degeneration of skin cells and restores flexibility to the skin. May enhance stability of certain emulsion systems. Kokum is a firmer butter than mango or shea but not as hard as cocoa butter. Kokum is more quickly absorbed into the skin and does not leave a greasy feel. It is ideal in skin care products because of its ability to soften skin and its effectiveness on ulcerations and fissures of lips, acne, scalp, hands and soles of feet.

Kpangnan Butter
Although often referred to as golden shea, it is quite different. A unique characteristic of kpangnan is the unexpected high fraction of stigmasterol, which is an unsaturated plant sterol usually found in plant fats like calabar bean, soybean oil, rape seed and cocoa butter. Stigmasterol is used as a starting material in the manufacture of synthetic progesterone but has other interesting properties as well. Some research shows stigmasterol can lower the risk of certain cancers, including ovarian cancer. Extracts of stigmasterol have also been found to be effective topical anti-inflammatory agents. Kpangnan is a bright, clear yellow with a smooth feel and adds silkiness to creams and lotions.

Kukui Nut Oil
High in essential fatty acids, this oil is wonderful for sensitive skin, mature, damaged, or wrinkled skin. It aids in softening and restructuring the skin. High in linoleic and linolenic acids, which are essential fatty acids vital for the metabolism of healthy skin. Vitamins A, C and E. The skin easily absorbs kukui nut oil. It has been used by the Hawaiians for thousands of years for dry skin, psoriasis and acne. Kukui nut oil also benefits eczema, sunburn and chapped skin. The oil is a panacea for delicate, sensitive or dry skin and is pure and gentle enough to use on a baby's delicate skin.

Lavender Buds
Wonderfully fragrant. They retain their natural purple color without the use of artificial colors or preservatives. Lavender buds make an excellent herbal tea and reportedly work well for headaches and PMS. An infusion of lavender helps take the sting out of insect bites. Place lavender buds in sleep pillows or baths to sooth and calm. Helps with restlessness and irritability.  It is considered a natural relaxant, anti-depressant and detoxifier. It has been used to scent linen. It has a sweet floral-herbaceous scent, with a balsamic woody undertone. Lavender is used in skin care for many skin conditions including: abscesses, acne, allergies, athlete’s foot, boils, bruises, burns, dandruff, dermatitis, earache, eczema, inflammations, insect bites and stings, insect repellent, lice, psoriasis, ringworm, scabies, sores, spots, all skin types, sunburn, wounds.

Lavender Oil
Lavender's characteristic sweet floral and herbal scent is well known and easily recognizable, perhaps even a little overused. But its numerous beneficial properties make it a very worthwhile additive in skin care, cosmetic and aromatherapy preparations. First recognized for its potent cell regeneration and repair capabilities, lavender was used as a healing substance for wounds and burns. Its active components work to increase cellular activity and actually prevent cell death. It is powerfully antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and also works to regulate the production of sebum. And it doesn't stop there - when inhaled, the aroma of lavender is calming and anti-depressive and promotes restful sleep.

A natural antioxidant (to prevent rancidity) and emulsifier found in soybeans, lecithin has excellent emollient benefits as a softening and soothing agent and is a source of choline and vitamin B.  It is a super skin restorative agent and has magnificent moisturizing properties, helping to hydrate the skin. This makes it an excellent additive for restorative creams or for products designed for mature, dry or overworked skin. It also has the unique ability to deeply penetrate the skin, and carry substances directly to the cells and the bloodstream. Because of this, lecithin may assist the body in absorbing other properties as well, bringing those beneficial properties to the cellular level. Lecithin also has stabilizing, thickening and suspending qualities.

Lemon Oil
Lemon pure essential oil has the wonderful characteristic scent of freshly peeled lemon rind. When used in cellulite treatments, lemon essential oil acts as a depurative and lymphatic stimulant, draining tissues of excess fluids and toxins. When added to skin care and cosmetic treatments, use is made of its anti-bacterial, astringent and cell-regenerative properties. As a nail and cuticle treatment, Lemon essential oil helps heal dry, rough, chapped skin, and gently bleaches and whitens nails. When inhaled, the scent of lemon essential oil is refreshing and uplifting.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
Sweet, lemony, fresh, with a woody hint. Highly antifungal and anti-infectious with an awakening lemony scent which is surprisingly soothing to the body and mind.  Lemon eucalyptus is also used with arthritis and rheumatism, muscle and joint aches and pains, injuries and sprains.  Its deodorant and fungicidal effects find use with athlete's foot, fungal infections, dandruff, herpes, sores and insecticides.  The CDC has recommended that lemon eucalyptus oil is as effective as Deet, making it an excellent inclusion in insect repellant products.

Lemongrass Oil
A fresh, earthy scent, lemongrass is especially good for oily, acne-prone skin and lackluster hair.  It makes an excellent addition to deodorants, soaps, cosmetics, shampoos, skin lotions and tonics.  Aids with infections, acne, enlarged pores, blackheads, tissue toner, cellulite and skin care for its astringent, calmative, antiseptic, anti-infectious and anti-parasitic and antifungal properties. Stimulates hydration and lymphatic detoxification.  Helps weak connective tissue and tightens elastin weakness. Good for hair, face and body, improves muscle tone. Acts as an insect repellent and fights ringworm. According to researchers, it is more effective against staph infections than either penicillin or streptomycin. Reduces headaches, rheumatism and nervousness. Excellent in skin care preparations, athlete's foot, excessive sweat, for scabies and to tone all the tissue.

Licorice Root Extract
Licorice extract is one of nature’s most subtle and yet effective skin lightening agents. A natural skin fading agent that is an anti-irritant and relaxant that has a depigmenting effect as well as an inhibitory effect on melanin synthesis due to its ability to act as an inhibitor. Used to clarify and lighten the skin. As a depigmenting agent, licorice extract is more effective than kojic acid and 75 times more effective than ascorbic acid.  It is used externally for eczema, herpes and shingles and the anti-inflammatory effect of this herb is most useful for treating sunburn as well as insect bites.

Litsea Cubeba Oil
Also known as may chang, litsea cubeba oil is uplifting and refreshing, making it an effective tool to fight against acne, oil skin and hair, and excessive perspiration.  Due to its insect repelling properties it is also often found in bug repellant blends. Another common use for this oil is in soaps and lotions, as it tends to be a scent fixative.

Macadamia Nut Oil
This is a true luxury oil that is easily absorbed into the skin and acts as an emollient protecting skin cells from deterioration and thus leading to better condition for your skin. Macadamia nut oil is a very stable oil with a long shelf life because of its mono-unsaturated nature. Contains magnesium and thiamin. It is suitable for all skin types but is extremely nourishing for dry or mature skin because of its high percentage of palmitoleic acid, making macadamia nut oil an effective antioxidant, which protects the skin just like human sebum does. It's quick penetration and hydration of the skin makes it an ideal ingredient in skincare products. Macadamia nut oil (as well as kukui nut oil) have a centuries old tradition of being oils prized in the Hawaiian Islands as a treatment for both skin and hair.

Mandarin Oil, Red
This oil's fruity, cheerful aroma is invigorating and uplifting.  Its astringent properties make it beneficial for skin tone, while natural antioxidants help protect the skin.  Often used preparations to lessen stretch marks, scarring, acne, dull skin, oily skin, scars, spots, stress, and wrinkles.

Mango Butter
This butter has softening, soothing moisturizing and protective properties. Pleasant light sweet scent and creamy coloring, it's a greatly respected emollient with a high oxidative ability that is often used as a cocoa butter replacement. Mango butter has most of the same uses and properties as shea butter. It also counters the drying effects of bar soaps and cleansers. Mango Butter adds and maintains moisture to dry and brittle hair, revitalize split ends, protecting your hair from damaging sunrays, hair dryers, perms and dyes. It protects the scalp and helps prevent weak hair from breaking, fading, or thinning out. The wound healing and regenerative properties and UV radiation protective properties restore flexibility and reduce degeneration of skin cells. It exhibits excellent moisturizing for lotions and good lubricity on skin. It's an ideal moisturizer for all skin types. Mango butter is also an effective for treating arthritis, joint pain, dry and weathered skin, crack skin, chapped lips and sunburn. A very stable butter, it contains natural antioxidant vitamins A, B1, B2, D and F. It is a unique all-purpose moisturizer and skin healant, safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin. It melts at skin temperatures, making it ideal for skincare, massage creams, make-up, sticks, balms and suppositories.

Marjoram Oil, Sweet
Sweet marjoram is warm, slightly spicy, and herbaceous, reminiscent of nutmeg and cardamom.  The antispasmodic action of marjoram can help soothe all muscles and may help calm menstrual cramps, rheumatism, sprains, strains, relieve excess fluid in the tissues, and stimulates local circulation.  Marjoram may inhibit the growth of the virus that causes genital herpes and cold sores.  Its antioxidant qualities help reduce skin aging.

Meadowfoam Oil
When added to cosmetics and creams, meadowfoam oil re-moisturizes the skin in ways no other oil can. It's an oil that is stable, non-greasy and rapidly absorbed and  is ideal for those products where a soft, smooth, silky feel is required whether it is on skin or hair. Research has recognized this oil for its outstanding oxidative stability. It is one of the most stable lipids known. Meadowfoam oil is so stable that it lends stability to other oils, thus it increases the life expectancy of lower life oils. It is often used as a binder, and it helps hold fragrances better in bath salts, soaps and massage oils. Meadowfoam oil is said to moisturize the skin and hair better than most oils, and it helps prevent moisture loss. In shampoos and hair care products, it helps add shine and moisture to the hair and scalp made dry and brittle by the harsh process of daily washing. In lipsticks and lip balms it helps revitalize dry, cracked lips and keeps them moist longer. It provides good slip in massage oils and creams and is valued as a lubricant oil. In lipsticks and other makeup, it provides adhesion so they stay on longer. It has a high tolerance for heat and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Monoi de Tahiti®
The word monoi means scented oil.  A truly beautiful exotic oil from Polynesia.  The secret of Monoi de Tahiti® lies in the delicate 100% natural blend that is extracted from the rich Tahitian Tumu Ha'ari (Cocos Nucifera) palm tree and from the local "Tiaré" (Gardenia Tahitensis) flowers. Together they create a rich, non-greasy emollient and moisturizer that penetrates quickly into the skin acting as a natural barrier against dehydration, which is the major cause of wrinkles. Its remarkable multi-purpose natural properties penetrate easily into the skin and produces immediate results as it deep moisturizes and leaves the skin smooth and healthy looking. Monoi de Tahiti® is ideal for all skin types but is most beneficial for people who suffer from dry or very dry skin problems. Because it is 100% natural from vegetal ingredients, Monoi de Tahiti® is safe to use on your face, especially if you skin is dry or wrinkled. It will soak right in and leave your face more youthful.  It's wonderful in sunscreens and also has antiseptic properties in creams, lip balms and lotions.

Mowrah Butter
It melts with skin contact. Prevents skin dryness and said to reduce the development of wrinkles. Reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores flexibility to the skin.

Myrrh Oil
Warm, smoky, slightly musty and earthy scent.  It has good antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, calming and expectorant properties.  Myrrh is an effective anti-microbial agent used in the treatment of mouth infections and catarrhal problems such as pharyngitis and sinusitis. Externally, myrrh has been used to treat wounds and abrasions. It is useful to relieve spasms, assist healing, fight inflammation, and reduce digestive discomfort. It will help to relieve the feeling of being "stuck in a rut" emotionally and is valuable in detoxification - especially mucus, preventing putrefaction and infection while promoting cell and tissue regeneration. It is great for the stomach and the mouth, while also acting as a uterine stimulant. It promotes menstruation and balances sexual appetite. On the skin, it is excellent to treat inflamed or chapped skin, wounds and sores, especially weeping eczemas, skin ulcers and bed sores, and since it promotes cell regeneration, it is used effectively on mature skin, as well as sorting out deep cracks on the feet and hands. 

Neroli Oil
One of the precious essential oils, neroli has a distinct, yet light and refreshing floral/citrus scent. Its high price makes it an uncommon additive, except in the most expensive perfumes. When inhaled, the scent of neroli essential oil is an anti-depressant and mild sedative, and has aphrodisiac properties. As an additive in skin care and cosmetic preparations, neroli's ability to promote cell regeneration, soothe inflamed and painful skin, and treat stretch marks makes it price worthwhile.

Nettle Extract
It helps with skin conditions by assisting with the removal of toxins from the body.  It can be used externally for arthritis and rheumatic pain, sciatica, neuralgia as well as burns and insect bites, as it has a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory effect.  It is especially good for hair and scalp complaints and sorts out a variety of minor scalp and hair problems.  In hair care products it is used to reduce oiliness and greasiness of hair, and to treat dandruff.

Anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties, oatmeal is a wonderful skin care additive.  It's gentle and soothing, yet a thorough skin-cleansing agent and exfoliant.  It is very helpful for dry, sensitive and irritated skin, reducing redness and itching.  Oatmeal will remove the tiniest particles of dirt and absorb oils while refining the pores and controlling the skin's production of oil, leaving a silky smooth feel.  It also works wonders on rashes or skin abrasions.  Minor skin irritations caused by dermatitis, eczema, poison oak, chicken pox, insect bites, sunburn and excessively dry skin may all be temporarily relieved by oatmeal baths. 

Olive Oil, Extra Virgin

Highly nutritive and stable, extra virgin olive oil contains protein, minerals and vitamins. It has superior penetrating power. It has acidic and antioxidant values. Olive oil is high in unsaponifiables, which is a large group of compounds called plant steroids or sterolins. They soften the skin, have superior moisturizing effect on the upper layer of the skin and reduce scars.

Orange Oil, Sweet
The scent of orange reduces anxiety and lightly lowers high blood pressure. Used in a massage it relaxes and provide energy, as may ease indigestion and constipation.  Orange makes an excellent facial and body moisturizer, encouraging radiant, rejuvenated and younger looking skin.  This oil can be effective to the immune system for colds and flu and can help eliminate toxins, and as a diuretic it is useful for water retention and obesity.

Orange Peel Powder
Used in bath teas, masks and scrubs for exfoliation and natural scent.  One of the best acne remedies.  It may also have applications as a topical anti-fungal agent.

Patchouli Oil
Patchouli's rich, warm, spicy, and earthy aroma was made popular in the 60s in perfumes and incenses. When inhaled, it’s anti-depressive, aphrodisiac and mildly calming. In skin care, patchouli is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. It supports the regeneration of new cells and tissues and is excellent for dry, aging, wrinkled skin and for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, burns and wounds.

Peach Kernel Oil
Similar to apricot kernel oil and sweet almond oil, peach kernel oil is used for its moisturizing, regenerative and restructuring properties, especially for mature skin, lip balms and massage oils. Good oil for all skin types. It has a delicate, somewhat sweet aroma. It contains vitamins, minerals, especially vitamin E.

Peppermint Leaves

Soothing and cleansing to skin. Fresh, clean fragrance.  It reduces inflammation in the nasal passages and clears congestion and coughs related to colds and allergies. Drinking the tea or inhaling its menthol vapors can ease breathing and reduce symptoms of colds and seasonal allergies. A peppermint spray will help cool the body when overheated due to fever.  The stimulating effects of Peppermint have a variety of uses.  From relieving over worked muscles to improving concentration and performance in the brain, it is one of the best mental stimulants and can be used for depression as well as mental or physical exhaustion.  Peppermint is a strong local anesthetic. The dried leaves or the oil can be applied topically for headaches, muscular aches and rheumatism. It is also a powerful antiseptic that makes it useful for toothaches, bug bites, wounds and scratches. Excellent to stimulate muscles and to relieve pain, muscle aches and skin irritations like acne, blackheads and breakouts. Provides a cool sensation to help with inflammation.  Helps with nausea that comes with migraine pain.

Peppermint Oil

One of the most delicious smelling of the mint family, peppermint is cooling to the body, as well as energizing and uplifting to the mind. It is a potent anti-nauseant and works extremely well to quell morning sickness. It is also a decongestant and disinfectant for cold and sinus congestion. Its anti-inflammatory cleansing properties make it the ideal ingredient in skin care and cosmetic preparations for oily, acne-prone skin, though it is wonderfully toning and cleansing for all skin types. When added to foot lotions and creams, peppermint serves the dual objective of cooling and soothing overheated skin and keeping in check fungal and bacterial growth.

Pumpkin Seed Oil
Also known as "green gold", pumpkin seed oil is one of the most nutritious oils available. It contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamins A, C, E, K and Zinc.  It is a light colored oil obtained from the seeds of the Cucurbita Pepo Seed.  It is know to contain phytosterols and Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, all beneficial to good cellular health. Pumpkin seed oil may be used in body care, soaps, facial creams, lotions and sunscreens to impart moisturization, particularly for dry, damaged skin, such as eczema and psoriasis. Due to its great emolliency, it also makes for a very good massage oil.  The oil from pumpkin seeds has been used across the world as a treatment for sores, ulcers and other skin problems. Its high sterol and vitamin E content makes it ideal for this purpose.  This nourishing and lubricating oil is useful for all skin types and is especially good to combat fine facial lines and superficial dryness because of its high protein, zinc, polyunsaturated fats as well as the fatty acid content.

Rhassoul Clay
A truly exquisite Spa quality clay from ancient deposits unearthed from the fertile Atlas mountains of Morocco. Rhassoul is a mineral rich, reddish/brown clay that blends extremely well with water making its application to the face and skin a smooth and delightful experience.  High in silica, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and sodium content, this clay is one of the finest treasures for your skin.

Rice Bran Oil
It has some anti-oxidizing properties as well as some sunscreen properties. Rice bran oil has softening and moisturizing properties and is good for mature, delicate or sensitive skin. Rice bran oil is especially good for face and hair formulations or baby formulations.

Rosehip Powder
Rosehips are the berry like fruit produced by rose bushes that hold its seeds. These are crushed into a powdery form. Rosehip powder is not only a great additive to produce a gorgeous pinkish tan color, it contains more natural Vitamin C than an orange. It's used in many toiletries from lip balms to lotions, creams, and facial scrubs. Being high in fatty acids rosehip powder is a great additive for skin healing.

Rosehip Seed Oil
This is a healing oil that is said to regenerate the skin and counteract the effects of aging. Rosehip seed oil is a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, is high in gamma linoliec acid (GLA) and vitamin C. It is often used in products made for stretch marks, burns, scars and mature dry skin. It moisturizes dry, mature, sensitive, allergic, aging and problem skin. It is considered a cellular regenerative oil and regenerates scar tissue, attenuates wrinkles and age spots.  Rosehip seed oil is an emollient and strengthens the hair shaft.  It is a potent anti-inflammatory oil with polyunsaturated essential fatty acids and trans-retinoic acid that helps when treating dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis providing an immediate relief for dry skin.

Rosemary Oil
Rosemary essential oil has a fresh, woody/herbal scent, and is anti-depressive and uplifting when inhaled. It is an excellent natural ingredient in scalp and hair treatments, strengthening thin hair and preventing hair loss. It is astringent and antiseptic, cleaning and toning to the skin and scalp, and it stimulates and improves skin circulation and metabolism. It is excellent for all skin types, particularly oily, acne-prone skin and eczema. Rosemary essential oil also speeds healing of wounds and burns. This variety of Rosemary essential oil is soft, warm, sweet, and most skin-friendly.

Rosemary Oil Extract
Rosemary oil extract (ROE) also acts as a natural oil-soluble antioxidant to prevent rancidity in oils.

The aromatic "hydrosol" or "floral water" is the run-off water from the distillation process used to create the purest grade Bulgarian rose essential oil from organic rose petals.  Because of its natural acids, it's hydrating and anti-inflammatory. Rosewater is also anti-viral, antiseptic and has disinfectant properties. 100% pure and natural, undiluted, no glycerin or preservatives, no fillers or additives.  Lovely natural uplifting floral fragrance.  Because rosewater has disinfectant and hydration properties, it's great on your scalp and hair.  In skin care it can clear up blemishes, has been known to herpes blisters, moisturize skin, calm inflamed skin due to Rosacea and makes a great compress to ease sore, tired eyes.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil 
A useful, highly prized, and specific oil typically used to treat damaged skin, ulcerations, cancer, acne, dermatitis, scar tissue, wrinkles, eczema, burns from whole Sea Buckthorn berries (Hippophae rhamnoides).  It supports healthy skin growth by high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids, tocopherols, and beta carotene. Sea buckthorn seed oil promotes cell tissue growth, restoring skin tissue, supports wound healing, protects skin from anti-inflammatory effect, UV damage and absorption.  Sea Buckthorn extracts can actually improve metabolism and retard skin maturation, thus slowing the aging process, possibly because of the effects of its high levels of Vitamins A and E.  Russian cosmonauts use its oil for protection against radiation burns in space. Current research indicates that not only does it enhance immune activity and disease resistance, but it also destroys harmful free radicals found on the skin. Hair care products made with Sea Buckthorn have the effect of retarding baldness and improving hair growth.   This oil is exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols, and phytosterols.

Shea Butter
Used as an emollient, it is extremely therapeutic; helping to heal cracked, aged and damaged skin. Its chemical constituents help to heal bruising and soreness. Shea butter penetrates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. It has vitamin A, E and is highly compatible with skin. Shea butter has a high content of unsaponifiables and cinnamic esters, which have antimicrobial and moisturizing properties and provide natural protection against the sun's damaging UV rays, reducing sun exposure, which can delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help prevent skin cancer. It also acts as a natural barrier against the elements of cigarette smoke, harmful chemical pollutants and smog in the atmosphere. Shea butter is renowned for its skin softening and superior moisture retaining ability and capacity to reduce scar tissue. It melts at skin temperatures making it ideal for lip and body balms as well as bar soaps and lotions.  

Shea Oil
This natural oil is obtained as a by-product of shea butter production directly from the seed. Deep golden brown in color the oil can be found in many types of lotions and creams which aid in the treatment of dry skin, protecting skin from harsh weather environments.  The oil offers benefits for skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema, burns, dryness and other irritations.  It moisturizes, soothes burns and promotes cell regeneration, capillary circulation. and elasticity in skin.  Common uses of she oil are lotions and creams, soap, anti-wrinkle creams, lip balms, and body butters. 
Squalane (Olive)
Colorless and odorless, it is steam distilled from olive oil. No chemical solvents are used in the process.  Think of squalane as the "best" component of olive oil for the skin. It is soft, silky and non-greasy to the touch. It is structured much the same as Vitamin A, which is one of the main nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Because squalane oil is so fine, it is absorbed deep into the skin very quickly. It has a natural affinity to the skin because it is one of the components of human sebum. Squalane boosts the skin's ability to naturally regenerate, nourish, hydrate, oxygenate and protect itself. It has been found that as we age our skin produces less squalane, one of the reasons our skin ages. Squalane also acts as a natural barrier to hold moisture in our skin. The loss of the skin's ability to retain water is what causes age lines and dry rough skin. It can be used alone as a moisturizer, something of a find for those who are looking for a non-greasy moisturizer that does not require a preservative. In creams and lotions it will soften the skin and help to retain moisture. It has been referred to as "nature's facelift". . . a proven beauty oil, giving women around the world healthier, more radiant skin. Used regularly, pure squalane can do more than merely enrich your skin; it can transform it, by helping to soften fine lines and making the skin more supple and youthful looking. Besides the emollient, moisturizing and barrier qualities of squalane, it helps to discourage the growth of bacteria that can block normal cell development. It will clear up difficult skin problems (acne, eczema, dermatitis, rashes, brown age spots, dry scaly skin, etc.). It also heals skin cracks, which are a significant health issue in the winter as germs can easily enter the body through cracked fingers and hands that have dried out from cold conditions. Squalane also protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun, smoke and pollution. It is non-toxic, non-irritating, hypoallergenic and non-sensitizing.

St. John's Wort Oil
St. John's wort oil is used for bruises, is anti-inflammatory, and is often used by herbalists to help speed healing of wounds and sores. St. John's wort oil has antiphlogistic qualities -- in other words, it helps to reduce inflammation. Externally it is applied to bruises, sprains, burns, skin irritations, or any laceration accompanied by severed nerve tissue. St. John's wort has been used for the treatment or after treatment of sharp or abrasive wounds, muscular pain as well as first-degree burns.

Tangerine Oil
Similar to Mandarin, it has a light, spicy-sweet citrus aroma with a cheering and soothing quality.  Relaxing addition to bath water for cramped muscles, PMS, and stress.  It also reduces acne, helps with oily skin, scar tissue, stretch marks and fluid retention.  Often used in bath salts, shampoo, conditioner, massage or skin care oils.

Tea Tree Oil
A potent anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial oil, tea tree makes an excellent treatment for a wide spectrum of skin ailments and complaints, from acne, athlete's foot, toenail fungus, yeast infections, cold sores and mouth ulcers. Its powerful germ fighting capabilities do not make it irritating or toxic to even sensitive skin.

Tomato Powder
Tomatoes are known to be rich in vitamins and minerals which have antioxidant and revitalizing properties that are great for the skin.  Purifying to the skin, naturally acidic tomato also helps balance the PH of the skin.  May be used as a natural colorant as well.

Vanilla Oil
Vanilla essential oil is actually an oleoresin, a combination of essential oil and resin, extracted with organic alcohol. It's warm, soothing scent is sensual, warm and aphrodisiac.  Due to its ability to nourish dry, itchy skin and dull hair, vanilla oil is often added to lotion, bath oil and shampoo.

Vanillin Powder
A natural tanning accelerator that reacts with skin proteins under the influence of heat and light to produce a tan. A white crystalline with a characteristic odor of vanilla. It is extracted from vanilla pods. Vanillin itself has some bacteriostatic properties and has, therefore, been used in formulations to treat dermatitis.

Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E acts as a free radical scavenger, hinders the oxidizing process in the skin and promotes soft and supple skin. As an antioxidant it defends the skin. Helpful in reducing scars and promotes healing. Vitamin E acts as a natural antioxidant for skin care and cosmetic products and is obtained by vacuum distillation of edible vegetable oils. Vitamin E is also an emollient.

Wheat Germ Oil
It is extremely high in vitamin A, B1, D, lecithin, protein, a high content of unsaturated fatty acid compounds and a very high vitamin E content at 250 IU per ounce. Wheat germ oil is a very emollient oil and is also anti-inflammatory, nourishing, hydrating, protective against free radicals, and soothing. It supports the skins natural process of regeneration, aids muscle and lymph function and is particularly valuable for treating dry, aging skin, and extremely dry areas. It is used for cellulitis, dry skin, mature complexions, eczema, psoriasis, scars, burns, sores, seborrheic dermatitis.

Witch Hazel
A soothing and mild astringent that helps shrink pores, makes witch hazel an ideal natural astringent, especially for oily or blemished skin.  It's also used to treat skin irritations, inflammation, bruises, insect bites and burns. Extracted from the bark and leaves of the plant, witch hazel is a liquid extraction from containing water and alcohol with natural antibacterial properties.

Ylang Ylang Oil
It has a distinctive sweet, floral-balsamic, slightly spicy quality. It's known as an anti-depressant, relaxing to body, mind and spirit, as well as an aphrodisiac. It can calm anger, aggression and anxiety, release tension, lift depression, balance, relax and generally stabilize mood swings. Physically, it has been used to lower blood pressure, ease muscle spasms and tense muscles, prevent fever and fight infections, assist with rapid breathing, shock, heartbeat and nervous conditions, and treat PMS, menopausal symptoms, impotence and frigidity. Ylang oil can have a soothing effect on the skin and its stimulating effect on the scalp may promote more luxurious hair growth. In an oil or cream, it balances sebum production and is most helpful for normal to oily skin. It also can fight the bacteria that often contribute to acne.

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  The data provided here is for informational purposes only and should in no way be construed as medical advice or recommendations.  If you are pregnant, please consult your physician about using essential oils.

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muscle rub, lotion bar, eye moisturizer, face cream, facial cleanser, facial toner, anti-aging serum, body butter, cutical cream, 
foot balm, body scrub, deodorant, toothpaste